View Full Version : PDI/Kettle wish list

06-05-2008, 12:00 AM
In 18 months, Kettle has grown from a cool tool for Edge Integrations to a world class integration tool. Ignoring economics, it is my choice over Informatica for ETL in every situation I can imagine and would be picked over SSIS, DataStage and Ab Initio in most.

For other integrations there are many tools with specific strengths but Kettle is definitely near the top and is somewhat unique in its integration with the Pentaho BI framework - currently we are using it to build complete solutions including the UI.

Most wish list items are related to handing off support -
--Would love and end to end data lineage tool that gave visibility into the source and all impacting transformations of a final attribute
-- World would be a better place with a higher level container flavor of a job that better represented loops graphically (not for devs, but for support folks to troubleshoot from)
-- One excuse for Informatica to existance would vanish with centralized control of jobs honoring dependacies - either as a dedicated app or as tight integration with something like Open Source Job Scheduler (Quartz doesn't cut it except for Java devs)
-- The other would be gone with some sort of expandable graphical mapping viewer (could be read only) to help production support folks.
-- Kettle specific DesignStudio/xaction enhancements (prompts for files and such)
-- Published "Best Practices"
-- Integrated profiling of data
-- Always more transformation steps!