View Full Version : Not likely to break (Rank 10)

06-10-2008, 05:30 PM
Pentaho Reporting has been ranked #10 in Enerjy's analysis of open source projects that are not likely to break (http://www.enerjy.com/explorer/index.html).

Enerjy performs some static code analysis on the source code and computes several metrics on how well the software is maintained. Thanks to our paranoid programming, which assumes that the users of the code (in most cases: I) are way to stupid to code correctly all the time. Therefore we write the code in a way that breaks early and hard - including strict assertations, strong typing and explict checks for Null-References as soon as we receive parameters on public or protected methods instead of happily assuming that the humans never produce bugs and accepting everything first (hoping that things will continue to go well) and acting surprised if - no: when - later in the process the assumptions have been proven wrong.

Always protect yourself when coding - you never know what diseases you might catch otherwise.

More... (http://www.sherito.org/2008/06/10/1213111320000.html)