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06-11-2008, 08:00 PM
I’ve worked on several customer dashboards and found the charting in Pentaho to be pretty good in a lot of circumstances, but lacking for a lot of circumstances. In particular, certain shading, animations, etc aren’t supported in Pentaho charts (based on JFreeChart).
There are a bunch of Flash charting libraries, and I recently worked with a customer that was using “Open Flash Charts.” I helped them get Mondrian data streaming through to this flash charting engine. I was surprised to find that the library is open source, and is moving to LGPL (away from GPL) to ensure that people feel comfortable embedding it in their applications.
I started integrating these charting capabilities with Pentaho to see how the charts look. I was seeing some really great results. The integration was done via a fair amount of fancy Javascript/Xaction sequence stuff but this integration did not require any custom Java application work. Just Pentaho .xactions and the basic open-flash-chart.swf. I might start looking at building a small little JSP library to help with some of this.
The first one I built was a little pie chart, that has a nice animation (copied and pasted here without the dynamic .xaction stuff)

The second one I built was this beautiful bar chart, comparing actuals and budgets.

In all cases, if you’re needing some “more” from Pentaho in terms of data visualization, don’t hesitate to be in touch. This flash chart is the latest in a series of dashboards that Bayon has been building for customers.

More... (http://www.nicholasgoodman.com/bt/blog/2008/06/11/beautiful-flash-charts-for-pentaho/)