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07-13-2008, 07:53 AM
Dear Pentaho friends,
So, here I am again at Brussels Airport, waiting for the plane to Frankfurt and then to Orlando.
I’ll probably be the only person on the plane that doesn’t go to Orlando for the love of Disney, Universal and Cape Canaveral. And NO, I will not be wearing Mickey Mouse ears on the way back like most of the 10,000 hollering kids all around me.
On the contrary, we’ll be working on serious stuff at Pentaho, things like row level security in metadata, Management services for Kettle and hopefully work a bit on a new engine for transformations.
Besides that it’s going to be a nice opportunity to meet old friends and see new ones I never even met. Pentaho keeps growing pretty fast and every time I walk into the building I see more and more unfamiliar faces. It’s a good thing that from past digital contacts, I know their all good people, the lot of them.
For those in Europe that want to give me a call this week: please do this in the afternoon! The last job recruiter (I never even heard of the man nor the company) that called my cell phone at 3:30AM Orlando time, had to get special ear surgery. (for which I refuse to apologize) Let me spell it out : the time in Orlando is a six hours earlier.
Oh well, it’s a good thing my annual vacation starts right after this trip. With the planned construction work and move out of our house with the whole family, that’s a Good Thing(tm).
Until next time,

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