View Full Version : How do I limit import tables list

07-30-2008, 12:10 PM

I'm doing a proof of concept and attempting to create a repository.

My connection is setup to only select objects from the database called "tedw". However when I click connections/import tables I'm shown a list of all objects in my database.

I was told that I can set the following parameter in the options tab "metaData = Restricted". So on a line in the options tab I set...
DatabaseType = Teradata
Parameter = metaData
Value = Restricted

If i import tables again I still see all objects in my database. Even if I save the repository, exit the editor, restart the editor.

Our database has many databases in it and some of them have the same tablenames (example we have a customer table in several databases). It's impossible to know which table from which database you are picking.

I'm using a Teradata database and I'm using a windows based preconfigured installation version of Pentaho on Windows 2003 (version 1.7.0.GA). And I'm using metadata editor version

Is there a way around this?