View Full Version : Got any simple tutorial to learn Maven?

08-26-2008, 06:06 AM
As mention in

It also manages (and downloads) any third party jars that are needed for a build.

Is it mean that if the log4j.jar used in my project, the maven is configure in such the maven will go to repository to download the log4j.jar file and put it into specific directory. When run the maven script, then the how project will deploy successfully.

I read a lot about Maven...
But I still don't know how to implement it to my project.

But I no idea how to use Maven....
I using JBoss and elipse for my project... Ant is use to compile and deploy the code.

P/s: Even Maven is still new for me. But I still have effort to learn from sketch. Beside documentation but I also need you all to support me.