View Full Version : Mondrian schema : aggregation of members

10-02-2008, 12:42 PM
Hi everybody,

I can display in a table the kms (or miles) that a person has driven per hour. I have in database, for each hour and each driver, a value of driven distance.
here is an example of the table that I constructed using mondrian and jpivot

-------------10h-11h -- 11h-12h
DriverA - 10.2km ---- 20.4km
DriverB -- 3.2km ----- 51.5km

I would like to aggregate the hours (10-11) and (11-12) (that are members of column HOUR in my database), in order to display the cumulated distance.

DriverA - 30.6km
DriverB - 54.7km

I tried to define a NamedSet but I still get the 2 hours.

Does anybody know how to aggregate the 2 members of the HOUR column ??

Thanks in advance