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11-03-2008, 03:00 PM
Dear Kettle fans,
I’ve implemented PDI-1831 (http://jira.pentaho.com/browse/PDI-1831) today which basically improves usability of Spoon in the execution/logging dept.

Adding a preview menu item to the step right-click menu
A “clear log before execution” option in the execution dialog (enabled by default)
Prevent the Execution results pane tabs from losing focus / de-selected
Adding graphical indicators to see which step in the transformation had an error during the latest execution.That last item looks like this graphically. We introduced an error in a JavaScript step and ran the transformation:
And if you mouse over the small red “stop sign” icon you get the following tool tip:
These are changes for 3.2.0-M1.
Until next time,

More... (http://www.ibridge.be/?p=143)