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02-17-2009, 08:14 AM
How to interpret the final output in 'WEKA'. Some says that WEKA can't handle more than 1000 data sets is it true? i played with the WEKA and the the weather.arff data set, but i was not able to interpret the output i mean i could'nt able to generate or predict and rule from it. I felt as the input was the output in that case.

So please help me how to go with the 1. Prediction of a dataset, 2. Generating new rules and can we compare more than 2 attributes at a time? & some thing about how WEkA is a Data miner?

I request those who know something about the question as put by me above. I will be pleased to see any reply for this.

02-18-2009, 04:50 PM

For information about Weka and how to use it, I'd suggest starting with the documentation that accompanies the distribution. 3.6.0 comes with a 210 page manual that covers all of Weka's user interfaces as well as technical documentation and other resources. There is also a Wiki (including an FAQ) that is almost certain to answer most of the questions you might have regarding Weka:


Weka's ability to learn from large data sets depends on: the size of the data set and the amount of physical memory you have available (most of Weka's classifiers are batch-based and operate on data in main memory, however, some can learn incrementally one row at a time off disc) and the computational complexity of the learning algorithm employed (you can't escape the big 'O' notation in some cases regardless of how clever you are with access to large data on disc etc.). Note, Weka has no limits on the amount of data that can be scored once a model has been learned.