View Full Version : Is Enhydra Workflow engine at the core of Pentaho 2.0?

02-18-2009, 10:47 AM
Dear All,
I'd like to know whether Enhydra workflow that implements XPDL language forms the core of a Pentaho Solution. I've read in the forums that no one uses workflow engine, but all Pentaho solutions are expressed as Enhydra workflows? Can a Enhydra workflow be at the center of a Pentaho solution? how? Aparently the Enhydra workflow editor does not appear anywhere in Pentaho.

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02-19-2009, 10:23 AM
In the very early days of Pentaho, the Enhydra Shark workflow engine was integrated with the BI Platform although it was never part of the core. We always believed (and still do) that the real power of BI is in the process, not the tools. That being said, there was very little interest in building BI workflows. The typical tasks people wanted to do were very simple and the Action Sequence (xaction) satisfied those needs. When the Kettle project joined Pentaho, it came with it's own job control engine suited for ETL tasks. In version 2.0 we officially dropped the Shark engine from the platform.

As the Pentaho suite becomes more mature, and workflow becomes more mainstream, I'm sure a full blown workflow (or orchestration engine) will find it's way back into the platform.