View Full Version : Sprinting squashes Bugs

02-28-2009, 03:11 AM
After the last weeks of franticly adding new features (or restoring old features, which is almost the same) to the new Report-Designer, we now have to kill some of the more anoying bugs. How can we know whether we are moving in the right direction, if the view is obscured by a large pile of nasty insects crawling out of our keyboards?

So we squash. We started Thursday, and at the end of Friday, about 24 bugs were dead. But its not the body-count that asstonished everyone, its the ease of the kill. With all the work spent in creating a “Better Architecture”(tm), we were not able to easily prove the need for it. (Developers apparently always bitch about bad code. Just as taxes are always way to high, code is always way to bad.)

24 bugs. 2 days.

Looking back one year, a similar bug-hunt costed 6 weeks and the will-to-live of many brave developers. 6 weeks! 2 days.

Now that’s what I call an improvement! And the bug season will be open for another 3 days. So let’s raise the body-count.

More... (http://www.sherito.org/?p=76)