View Full Version : The beast is dead - heading back into safe waters

02-28-2009, 03:11 AM
Three weeks have passed by like the wind. A couple of days ago my Mobby-Dick bugs have been transformed into a selection of “Whale supreme”, “Smoked Whale steak” and other delicious things you can do with whales. (Of course, if you want a complete list, ask your local Japanese embassy.

After the bug hunt, the code now has to pass the last test cycle. Once it has passed the platform’s various tests, the release 0.8.9-11 and 0.8.10-3 should be published shortly.

As we sail into the harbor, the pilot directs our view northwards to the small off-shore islands. So far, 22 dead pirates swing slowly in the chilly November air, and (as he told us) chances are good that more will join the show shortly. Some of the major pirates (both from the colonies and (for now) Scotland) however, allegedly close friends of the Governor, now have a Letter of marque and now do their shabby business with the blessing of King George II. The wealthy pack of the foreign pirates in the meantime tries to safe themselves from the hangman by selling their former supporters and customers to the sheriffs.

But after stormy nights out in the sea, with our Rum supplies running out shortly after the first week, I could not care less about the souls of greedy pirates. They tried their game, they lost, and so they shall pay. After all, when they were on the winning streak, they showed even less mercy than the royal tax-collector. So pirates, do the right thing, please.

And now back to creating a 21st century style Report-Designer for a 21st century reporting engine.

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