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04-14-2009, 10:40 AM
Dear Kettle & MySQL fans!

I’m really looking forward to go to the MySQL User Conference (http://www.mysqlconf.com/mysql2009) next week, not just because I’m speaking (http://www.mysqlconf.com/mysql2009/public/schedule/speaker/1277)in 2 sessions again, but perhaps also because these are “interesting” times for MySQL and Sun Microsystems. Pivotal times it would seem.

Here are the 2 sessions I’m going to do:

Cloud Computing with MySQL and Kettle (http://www.mysqlconf.com/mysql2009/public/schedule/detail/6739) : I’m particularly happy that MySQL accepted this session: it will demonstrate how easy it has become to do cloud computing exercises with tools like MySQL and Kettle.

Starring Sakila: Data Warehousing Explained, Illustrated, and Subtitled (http://www.mysqlconf.com/mysql2009/public/schedule/detail/7016) : it will be a lot of fun to co-present this with MySQL veteran Roland Bouman (http://rpbouman.blogspot.com/). Despite brutally busy times on both ends we’ve become good friends and with a little bit of luck we’ll be flying together to SFO from AMS (Schiphol) with KLM.

So please drop in on our sessions and join the fun. 2 years ago my sessions drew quite a crowd and so I hope that this is again the case. Pentaho is a sponsor of the event and even has a booth (#308) on the main show floor. You can find me there to chat on Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon (1pm-4:30pm). I’ll be there together with a group of people from Pentaho including Julian Hyde (http://julianhyde.blogspot.com/), James Dixon (http://jamesdixon.wordpress.com/), Lars Nordwal, Lance Walter, Matt Papertsian & Jared Cornelius.

On Thursday I’ll be visiting the sages from SQLStream (http://www.sqlstream.com/) in the morning to talk about integrating their technology to create truly real-time data integration solutions without the need to fork over insane amounts of money. Later that day we’ll all go see John Sichi (http://thinkwaitfast.blogspot.com/)’s session at the nearby (same building) Percona Performance Conference (http://conferences.percona.com/percona-performance-conference-2009/schedule.html#april23).

See you soon!


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