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07-24-2009, 12:23 AM

I'm very new to Pentaho and Mondrian, so bear with me if this is a stupid question.

I've built a mondrian schema that works fine, it has a lot of custom measures 130 odd. I would like to make these custom measures available to Pentaho reports thru the web fron end.

Hence I was wondering if I can use metadata editor to connect to the mondrian schema as a data source and then publish the XMI to the server?

If this is possible, how would I go about it? are there any documents on how to do this.

If there is another way other than PME, could you tell me how to do it.

The reason I would like to use the mondrian schema is, it has a lot of calcs that compare child value with parent values, etc. and I'd like to maintain the measure definitions in one place.

Thanks for you help


07-24-2009, 09:56 AM
I see it as a problem as well that you have to define two models for something that could actually be kept in one model, because in some way the metadata model and the mondrian schema are trying to achieve the same thing.
In regards to your questions I can only tell you that you can use your Schema as a data source in the Pentaho Report Designer. If you want to use the Ad-hoc report designer, then I guess you will have to create a metadata model (but others may confirm this).
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07-27-2009, 09:51 PM
Hi Diddy,

Thanks for the prompt reply, I'm sure the plan would probably go in the opposite direction of what I would like where a mondrian schema is used to build reports rather than metadata XMI used to build the mondrian schema.

The reason I stress using the mondrian schema for reports is, I have a lot of calculations that are dimension level based (i.e. share to parent, etc) and time series based, which are much more difficult to design within the metadata editor (I think).

In terms of using the schema as a data source inside report designer, do you get to drag and drop opjects like you would with a relational source.

The reason I ask is, if you have to write MDX queries, my user community probably won't use it. If it is graphics based, are you able to give me any details on how to set the schema up.



PS: If any one else has any suggestions I'd love to hear it.