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10-14-2009, 04:20 PM
After a long, long time of development, and a healthy amount of hacking and slashing, Pentaho Reporting 3.5 is now ready to download from Sourceforge.

Let the world hear our battle-cries:
“No more XML editing!”
The report-designer is now able to edit every aspect of our report-definition-format. There are no blank spots in our tool any more - if the reporting engine can do it, you can define it inside the Report-Designer.

“No more redundant XActions!”
Simple, standard reports with or without parameters should not need an extra document to maintain. With Citrus, the report-definitions contain both the data-definition and the parameter-description so that XActions can be omitted. Now you only need one tool and create one artefact to get your parametrized reports on the BI-Server.

“One Fileformat to rule them all”
Gone are the days where publish produced a incomprehensible XML file that cannot be edited safely from the report-designer. Beginning with the Citrus-Release, the report-designer uses a single fileformat for both client-side editing and server-side execution. This finally enables true round-trip processing, where you can download/open report-definitions directly from the server to edit them locally to re-publish them later in one go.

This release is centred around the all-new and all-shiny report-designer. The most visible features of this release are:

Side-By-Side sub-reports
Parameters in the report-designer
New datasources: Scripting, PDI and a static Table-datasource
Expanded formula-capabilities
Bar-Code and Sparkline elements
This release also features a new XAction-less mode of operation for simple parametrized reports. For the more complex cases, XActions are still available and the new report-definitions can be used via a new XAction-component to solve all the mind-boggling complicated use-cases.

Go grab your copy from SourceForge today!
https://sourceforge.net/projects/jfr…/3.5.0-stable/ (https://sourceforge.net/projects/jfreereport/files/04.%20Report%20Designer/3.5.0-stable/)

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