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06-30-2010, 08:11 PM
Pentaho Community Gathering - Portugal 2010

Welcome to Portugal!
We are very pleased to have you guys this year visiting our beautiful country, in particular the Village of Cascais.
Portugal has a fantastic weather in the summer, bring your bathing suits if you think you will have time to go to the beaches of Cascais.
If you are staying for a few more days, visiting Lisbon and Sintra is a “must do”.
We hope you all have a great time in Portugal!

Friday 24th September

Starting at 9:00 pm – meeting at “Largo de Camões” in the beautiful village of Cascais
04:00 am – Find a joint that sells something to eat
04:30 am – Drag Tom to the hotel

Saturday 25th September

10:00 am – Hotel Albatroz Cascais – presentations
13:00 pm – Lunch TBD
15:00 pm – Back to Hotel Albatroz – presentations cont.
16:30 pm – Coffe break at the meeting room and terrace
17:00 pm – Presentations cont.
18:30 pm – End of presentations
20:00 pm – Dinner – TDB

Sunday 25th September

We're thinking about something that allows people to do some sight-seeing and still have the ability to talk a bit more.

How to get there

Once you are in Lisbon Airport you can take a taxi to your hotel in Cascais depending of the time you arrive the taxi could cost between 35€ and 45€ - be careful with taxi drivers.
If you prefer you can take the Aerobus from the Airport to Cais do Sodré Station (last stop) and then take the train to Cascais (also last stop), than you can walk to your hotel if it is close to the station or take a taxi – this will cost around 5€ (without taxi).

Accommodation Ideas

There is a list of a few hotels in Cascais and Estoril that we suggest.
All hotels at these dates are almost full so you better book it as soon as possible, we suggest booking.com

Hotel Albatroz ***** - conference hotel - http://www.albatrozhotels.com/pt/hotel-cascais.php
Hotel da Vila *** - 5 minutes walking - http://www.hotelestorileden.pt/
Vila Galé Cascais **** - 20 minutes walking - http://www.vila-gale-cascais.com
Hotel Cascais Miragem ***** - 5 minutes walking - http://www.cascaismirage.com/
Hotel Baía *** - 5 minutes walking - http://www.hotelbaia-cascais.com/
Hotel Cidadela *** - 10 minutes walking - http://www.hotelcidadela-cascais.com
Albergaria Valbom*** - 2 minutes walking - http://www.albergaria-valbom.com
Hotel Londres *** - 20 minutes walking or 2 minutes by train - http://www.hotelondres.com/
Hotel Sabóia *** - 20 minutes walking or 2 minutes by train - http://www.saboiaestorilhotel.com/
Hotel Estoirl Eden **** - 20 minutes walking or 2 minutes by train - http://www.hotelestorileden.pt/
Hotel Lido *** - 25 minutes walking or 2 minutes by train - http://www.hotellido.pt/


Please register over here (it's free): http://pentahomeetup2010.eventbrite.com/

Presentation List:

Here's the current list - Please don't worry about the length. If you feel there's something worth sharing, please do. Can be 30 minutes or 3 minutes. Just say so and we'll add you to the list

webdetails team - CDA, CDF, CDE... we'll think of something
Tom Barber and Paul Stoellberger - PAT stuff
Matt Casters - Kettle stuff
Aaron Philips - Plugins and extension points
Doug Moran
Dan (Codek) - Approaches to implementations and methodology
Jos Van Dongen - Data Mining
Roland Bouman
Jan Aertsen & Matt (kJube) - Datastage Rip & Replace practical lessons learned - 30'
Julian Hyde - Mondrian stuff
<your name should be here>

Any questions, suggestions, whatever, reply to this forum post and we'll get an answer - even if we have to make up one

07-01-2010, 12:38 PM

you copied the wrong link for Hotel da Vila. If you select it you get Estoril Hotel website .....

Here it is the right link http://www.hoteldavila.com/


07-21-2010, 07:06 AM
i've just booked - hotel da vila. stole the last single room from Trout. :p)

07-21-2010, 08:55 AM
I've booked there too...

09-22-2010, 08:35 AM
Hi Folks,

Last year Pentaho Community Gathering at Barcelona was really good.
Unfortunately this year I will not be able to travel from Brazil to go to Portugal, I wish I could but I will stay in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
But what about doing next year the Pentaho Community Gathering in Brazil?

I prepare a list of things that can help you guys decide about Brazil.

To see this list please visit the link below:


Best Regards and please show us some videos and pics about the Portugal Event.

09-22-2010, 11:11 AM
I think the biggest issue is exactly the same issue that stopped you from coming to Portugal this here - cost. Most of the attendees are from Europe and a transatlantic flight might be a show stopper for most of us

09-23-2010, 04:58 AM
Err, how do you come up with the figure that Brazil has 900 pentaho developers? if that is the case then you've got more than enough to organise your own gathering!!!! (I'd come, but probably get shot by the missus for going so far!)

09-26-2010, 05:34 PM
But it would be nice to visit Brasil!

10-20-2010, 12:53 AM
yeah codex is right but i pretty much agree if this gonna be held at brazil

10-26-2010, 11:38 PM
I replied to your blog - I'll repost here too:

I think Brazil would be a great idea but it's not up to me. These events are completely organized by the community, for the community and I recommend that we have a South American one if there is enough people interested to make it happen.

I hope we can get to the point where there is a meetup on every continent every year - well maybe not antartica. Let make it happen!