View Full Version : 0.9.4 did not hit the 1 year mark!

06-20-2011, 09:30 PM
Our last LucidDB release was now, just more than 12 months ago on June 16, 2010 (http://www.dynamobi.com/c/downloads/archived/). We were really really trying to beat the 1 year mark for our 0.9.4 release (http://jira.eigenbase.org/secure/ManageFilters.jspa) but we just couldn’t. A tenet of good, open source development is early and often and we need to do better. Since the 0.9.3 release we’ve:

Built out an entire Web Services infrastructure (https://studio.dynamobi.com/browse/DWS)
Developed a wicked cool Admin user interface (http://www.dynamobi.com/c/products/luciddb/administration-ui/)
Developed cool connectors to Hive, CouchDB
Built a whole ton of extensions (auto indexing, DDL generation, improved load routines)
Scriptable functions, and procedures (http://www.thejach.com/view/2011/5/can_your_sql_database_do_this)
Updated our connectors (JDBC, Salesforce, etc)
All in this is a VERY exciting release… I apologize it’s taken this long, but please bear with us. We’ll be release in the next couple of weeks!

More... (http://www.nicholasgoodman.com/bt/blog/2011/06/20/0-9-4-did-not-hit-the-1-year-mark/)