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05-04-2012, 01:23 AM
Hello Experts....
At my client place Business object environment is new only 1 year and they do not have any structure at all no rules govern how BO is used. For example users create new reports in production. Servers are not backed up and many more...
WHat I need to do is create a document that will give them structure on everything BO like how to back up server when where it is saved.
I am confuse how to create this report because this is my first project. But what I am looking for is maybe list of topics I need to cover so i can search it and write it out and by the way I am going to be the person that implements everything in the document.
Basically I am looking to do an A to Z to have a healthy, reliable, safe structured business object environment.
So forum experts plz plz plz help me out for solution....
Any kind of help would be appreciated....ASAP
Thank you........:(