View Full Version : How to debug javascript step in a job

05-30-2012, 06:38 AM
I have a javascript step in a job as I need to execute a java class as part of the ETL flow. I have created the class, jar-ed it and have placed it in the libext folder as well.

In the javascript step, I have the following lines -

Packages.a.b.c.<Class name>.<method name()>;

When I run the job, it executes without any errors. But I know for a fact that nothing happens. When I look at the logs in Spoon (have enabled Rowlevel (very detailed) log level), the only entry I see is -

JavaScript - Starting job entry

I want to know how should I debug this step. The java class has one public static void method with no arguments and one private method. I invoke the public method in the javascript step. I have sysout statements in the methods as well.