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07-05-2012, 02:59 AM

My report doesn't contain any data after I published it to the BI server.

Here is my steps,
1, create JDBC datasource and design the report in Report Designer
2, create new JDBC datasource in PAC. The BI server is localhost. The parameters of these two datasources are the same.
3, publish the report to BI server

Everything went well. I validated the datasource in PAC. And I got data while previewing the report in Report Designer.
But, when I tried to view the report from BI server (http://localhost:8080/pentaho), there has no data.

What was wrong? Could you please show me some tips? Another thread(http://forums.pentaho.com/showthread.php?96760-Publishing-Report-to-BI-Server&highlight=publish) looks talking about the same thing.

My environment:
Report Designer: 3.9.0 GA 15557 community edition
BI Server: 4.0.0 GA community edition

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07-05-2012, 05:07 AM
Chances are high that you just have a mismatch between your PRD version and the reporting version on the server.

Bi-Server 4.0 shipped with Pentaho Reporting 3.8.3. As with all software, you cannot open a file created in a new version (3.9) with an older version (3.8.3) of that software. MS-Office does not allow you to open a "Office 2007" doc in your trusted old Word 6.0 either.

It is also always good to check for exceptions in the server's log. You can find all of them in "biserver-ce/tomcat/logs", named "pentaho.log" and "catalina.out".