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Why are you merging Mondrian, Kettle and JFreeReport community forums with Pentaho's?

When Mondrian, Kettle and JFreeReport signed up with Pentaho, the Pentaho team committed to helping their communities grow the projects. One way that we feel we can contribute to these projects is to provide a robust set of development tools for the project's communities. Project forums are core to facilitating a community in their collaborative efforts, so it became our top priority to provide stellar forum services for all of the Pentaho projects.

Throughout the planning for integrating our project forums, we have been focused on balancing two sets of needs: if you only are interested in one Pentaho project, it's easy to get to it and you can work with a focused community while providing a consistent experience and an easy way for the many multi-project users and contributors to have access to a common set of resources and interact with the rest of the community. With vBulletin, you have the flexibility to narrowly focus on the project of your choice (for example, search only the Kettle forums), or collaborate across all Pentaho forums, in one location!

Why are you moving the forums to vBulletin?

We originally built the Pentaho web site on Mambo, a popular content management system. As our project and community have grown, we quickly outgrew Mambo's capabiliities, including the forum component.

We chose vBulletin for our new forums as the result of an extensive evaluation of forum software. Simply, vBulletin has a rich set of features, fast and reliable search capabilities, and has been a pleasure to set up and configure for our projects.

What happens to all the information in Pentaho, Kettle, JFreeReport and Mondrian's old forums?

We spent nearly 6 weeks cleansing, transforming and migrating almost all of the data from the Mondrian, Kettle, JFreeReport and Pentaho forums. All forum threads, posts and additional information has been ported from the original project forums into the new vBulletin forums. In the cases where we can preserve user accounts, we have. and were trickier than Pentaho and JFreeReport's forums, but we still managed to preserve user accounts, and will send out information on how to activate those accounts.

I had user accounts in more than one of the old forums. Can I get those accounts merged into one account in the new forums?

Why, yes, you can! Simply email with "Merge User Request" (or something to that effect) in the subject line. You will need to send us some way to identify all of the accounts you want to merge. Ideally, you woud remember all the usernames that you used in each system. Or maybe you used the same email address? If you tell us at least the number of accounts, and usernames or emails, we should be able to get those accounts merged for you.

MOST IMPORTANT!! You MUST specify what user name you want to end up with after the merge!!! So, for example, if I had a gretchen account in Pentaho and a gmoran account in Mondrian, I would email those two user names, also specifying that the gretchen account is the account I prefer to have everything merged in to. The gmoran account would then be deleted after the merge.

Anything silly like "I was Mary Jo Popstand on one forum and Bob Smith on another" may provoke investigation from the Pentaho team before we merge the accounts.

Why does the time on the forums use GMT-5 (or, how do I change to my timezone)?

The timezone when you are not logged in to the new forums will be EST, or GMT-5. When you login to your account on the new forums, the timezone is defaulted to GMT. This is a personal setting that you can manage through the User Control Panel, or User CP. Click on User CP, Set Options..., and at the bottom of the page you will see where to set your timezone.

Can I subscribe to an RSS feed for each forum?

Yes! One of the features we lacked in all of the old forums, that we are stoked about having on the new forums, is the ability to RSS subscribe to the forums that you choose! Each forum will have an RSS icon with the RSS URL for that forum in it, or you can get the complete list of RSS feeds at .

Can I subscribe to get an email each time someone posts to a particular forum?

There are several options for receiving notification every time a post to a particular forum happens. The first, and easiest, is to use an email client-integrated RSS feeder, and RSS subscribe to the forum of your choice. You also can subscribe to individual threads. When you are subscribed to a thread, any reply to that thread gets emailed to you.You can subscribe to a forum as well. When you subscribe to the forum, you have the option of receiving a daily or weekly digest of email notifications. Your fourth option is to become a moderator on the forum you wish to have this type of notification from. You can request to be a moderator by emailing the request to . The administrator and project leader for the forum you request will approve/reject your moderator request based on your activity in the forums and with the project.

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