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  1. can default selection on a menu be assigned dynamically?

    I created a listbox using securefiltercomponent. It works fine, except I cannot set the default value dynamically. I want the default selection to be current date, as such, it needs to come from...
  2. How to parametrize a chart title

    Could anyone provide help on how to assign chart title dynamically? When I click on "edit chart" on Report Designer UI, only manual text option is provided.
    I can define a function or expression,...
  3. thanks

    worked like a charm.
  4. access to property-ref through report designer?

    I am trying to include report generation timestamp in the report. I found two similar inquiries in this forum, but both replies require editing the xml.
    I do not want to edit the xml, since the...
  5. empty Excel export NullPointerException

    I have a transformation that, after going through several steps, may generate no lines at all. The last step is Export to Excel, and it breaks with a null pointer exception when no lines are...
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    No it doesn't. I just went in and modified it...

    No it doesn't. I just went in and modified it again, and showed nothing.
    Il upload my transformation in case you'd like to try for yourself.
    You do not have access to data, but nevermind.
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    I was expanding a pre-existing transformation...

    I was expanding a pre-existing transformation which already included GROUP BY step, so nothing popped up. I was merely changing the configuration of GROUP BY step.
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    GROUP BY requires sorting

    Thanks Matt, it works now. The crucial piece of information I was missing was that the data needs to be sorted in the exact order of GROUP BY in advance. While it might be obvious to many, it is not...
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    does GROUP BY work?

    I just found out that my "group by" step does not work.
    More accurately, it works when number of rows coming into group by is small. In my case, it worked when there are 20 lines. But in my real...
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