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  1. Hi, Tried as same you have mention above, but...

    Tried as same you have mention above, but still getting error "we really did try but that file file is not supported" while uploading 'woff' font in BA server. Could you please help here for...
  2. BI Server hanging after 100+ hits on reports!

    Our pentaho BI server hang-on after we hits 100+ reports from web application. And giving massage like"[ContainerBackgroundProcessor[StandardEngine[Catalina]]]...
  3. Get the Output parameter value from the Stored Procedure

    We are able to call the below stored procedure inside the PRPT report, but we do not get the value of Output type parameter of SP into the report parameter.
    Stored Procedures in PRD can only take...
  4. Error : SolutionEngine.ERROR_0007 - Action sequence execution failed


    Using pentaho 5.0.6 with mysql database and getting below error, anybody can help us for the same...
  5. Where get the published prpt information(time,date,last updated)bi server 5.0.6+mysql

    Good Day,

    Looking prpt details after published the reports on the bi server.

    Bi server 5.0.6 is connected with mysql database.
    Is anystore the details for prpt like published date,time / last...
  6. Drill-Donw Report taking time to fetching the data.

    Using PRD 5.0.6, With MsSql database
    We have created report with drill-down and fetching the drill-down report, appx more then 5000 records in the report and using 3 sub-reports, group by function,...
  7. I have customized the prpt with this same code:...

    I have customized the prpt with this same code:
    IF(ISEXPORTTYPE("pageable/pdf");DRILLDOWN(" ");DRILLDOWN("local-sugar"; NA();))
  8. Hyperlinks are not disabled in PDF version

    Using PRD 5.0.6, in many reports have the hyperlink. but not required in the PDF version. Can we hide the hyperlink property in the PDF format. Thanks in advance! Chandan Aggarwal
  9. Getting #null in excel cell, while creating HYPERLINK in same cell


    Using PRD 5.0.4 and creating hyperlink in the report. when taking excel format of report then getting #null value/URL of child report not getting the value for the main report.

    Thanks in...
  10. Pentaho Default Samples not showing with MySql database

    After connect pentaho 5.0.4 EE with MySql 5.6.17 then all sample responsibility and samples Reports are not visible on User console.
  11. Replies


    Not getting response from pentaho BI scheduler while scheduling the reports. Using MySql Database with pentaho 5.0.4 EE and getting entry in the triggers table but not executing the Fired trigger...
  12. BI Server,Reports Scheduling with MySql DataBase.


    I am using pentaho 5.0.4 EE with mysql database. And trying to used pentaho scheduler in admin. I am trying to send mail thru my gmail account and getting Diagnostic confirmation mail. Then...
  13. 404 error accuring while trying connect mysql to pentaho 5 CE

    Good Day,

    Its seems to see error 404 during connecting pentaho5 CE and mysql.

    Any body please help me out to re-solve same issue


    Chandan Aggarwal
  14. Getting error while swtiching pentaho with CAS server

    Good Day,

    I am using pentaho 5.0.4 Enterprise Edition BA server and trying to switch with CAS server and client. I have go through ...
  15. How to Move All Reports from Pentaho 5.0.1(Dev) to Pentaho 5.0.1(Prod)

    Hi All,

    I am using Pentaho 5.0.1 and I have created many reports(PRPT, Analyzer) in development machine. Now I need to deploy all reports in the production server pentaho 5.0.1.

    In earlier...
  16. How to Export pentaho CDE Dashboads in the diffrent type output(PDF, EXCEL)

    Good Morning,

    I am using client tool is CDE. I getting stuck while trying to export dashboard cde in different types of output like pdf and excel. I am not able see any function to export my...
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