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    Documentation damaged

    I tried to download the english manual for release 1.5.2 (j2ee deployment) but Acrobat says the file is damaged or wrong format. Did some have the same problem? The portugese version seems OK.
  2. some progress

    Hi, here i am again. Seems like i am doing the thread by my own...;-0
    I fixed my server.xml (Tomcat) because the datasource name was wrong....
    Now I get the following exception:

  3. New try

    Doesnt anyone have a clue on this thread?
    I did another try calling my xaction and now i get another result:
    JPivot Error...
    An error happened servicing a Jpivot request. Please see the server...
  4. Cube xaction doesnt show anything on screen

    I designed a simple cube with Cube Designer, with a single measure and a time dimension with 3 levels (year,month,day). I moved the 3 generated files to Tomcat webapps pentaho-solutions...
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    Pentaho on Eclipse/Sysdeo Tomcat

    Can someone help me, i am trying to setup Pentaho platform within Eclipse, running Tomcat through Sysdeo Eclipse Tomcat plugin... I have downloaded the whole code with subversion but from this i...
  6. thx for your replies, but i am getting nervous: i...

    thx for your replies, but i am getting nervous: i tried uppercase, lowercase, no improvement...
    i can not see anything in the logs.
    the URL (/OLYFREP) is generated automatically when i input...
  7. Yes, the URL in the feature list URL =...

    Yes, the URL in the feature list
    URL = jdbc:as400://
    OLYFSEC being the library where i have my AS400 files

    and Driver class =
  8. Connection problems

    May i reply to this post which is about AS400 connection.
    Actually i have troubles having a connection to work with my AS400.
    Everytime i push the test button in the connection wizard, i have...
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