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  1. Get files from remote FTP with subdirectories


    Due to the fact Get file from FTP in jobs doesn't allow getting files from...
  2. Working with Big (lots) Data and Pentaho – Extreme Performance

    Originally posted on Codeks Blog:
    OK, firstly, I’m not talking proper BigData here. This is not Hadoop, or even an analytical database. (Lets not get into whether an analytical database counts as...
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    ETL From Excel – an update

    ETL From Excel – an update.

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    Free Learning Campaign #Packt

    Every day Packt Publishing is giving away books for free to help teach new tech skills From 30th April, 2015 Packt Publishing has thrown open the virtual doors of its new Free Learning Library and...
  5. Pentaho Mondrian: Custom Formatting with Cell Formatter

    Repost from Formatting measures in cubes is quite essential for the readability of any analysis results. Pentaho...
  6. [Update] Sparkl error on Pentaho with multiple modules

    In this post the update of the issue on a conflict between Saiku, Pivot4J Analytics and A.A.A.R., on Sparkl App builder on Pentaho Source: [Update] Sparkl error on Pentaho
  7. Setting up Amazon Redshift Cluster and accessing using Pentaho Kettle

    Source: Setting up Amazon Redshift Cluster and accessing using Pentaho Kettle

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    Pentaho 6.0.x Install

    Originally posted on Interesting IT Tip's:
    Introduction After reading the changelog, I thought that the numbering from 5.4 to 6.0 was not justified. But then I realized that this is the first...
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    Filter data by user on Pentaho CDE

    Create a dashboard on CDE Create a Simple Parameter for example param_user On Layout Perspective –> Add Code Snippet. We will use Dashboards.context.user Now on datasources create a query with...
  10. Error : Can’t connect to X11 window server using ‘localhost:10.0’

    On Pentaho BI Server CE , my experience was 6.1 CE I had this error on a UNIX OS. I had to add this flag to JAVA on script: -Djava.awt.headless=true Using this flag we start java...
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    Pentaho 7 New Features

    Announcing Pentaho 7.0 (available mid-November) Announcing Pentaho 7.0 (available mid-November) I’ll go straight to it – This is the most spectacular release ever! This previous sentence would even...
  12. having similar issue, got it working??

    having similar issue, got it working??
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    Popup on NewMapComponent

    Using Pentaho 6.1 CE and a NewMapComponent with markers data . Need to create a popup to get latitude and longitude of marker clicked but there is no marker click functionon new component...
  14. IBM Lotus Notes JDBC Access from Pentaho Data Integration

    I need help to connect using PDI to connect JDBC on IBM Lotus Notes ( Lotus Notes 9.0.1)
    I can't find driver.... jar file
  15. Marketplace has changed on Biserver 6.1 to karaf...

    Marketplace has changed on Biserver 6.1 to karaf structure but it doesn't work for me

    check it is here on pentaho-marketplace
  16. Error on cube discovery when using more than 1 Cube on same Schema

    Mondrian 3.9.0 version used:
    When creating a single schema containing 2 cubes, default view on Xjpivot olap viewer. Using same cubes on split schemas works Ok.
    Also using saiku plugin which...
  17. No you only need to inject the fields you want,...

    No you only need to inject the fields you want, you may want to include constant values on your template ...
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    Having similar issue V4.4 is more robust than V...

    Having similar issue V4.4 is more robust than V 5.2.0
  19. 14517 14518 Here are some Visual VM...


    Here are some Visual VM screenshots from an hprof extract with -Xmx 1g
    Top 20 objects,and some stuff
    Your help is very appreciated, my opinion it is an actual bug since for some...
  20. Is there any JIRA case in relation to how PDI 5.X...

    Is there any JIRA case in relation to how PDI 5.X editions manage result rows? I think there is one leak in relation with PDI 4.4.0 on how memory is managed
  21. Hi MUE2000, this seems to be my issue however I...

    Hi MUE2000, this seems to be my issue however I have checked "clear list of result files before execution" in several transformations and Delete Result Filenames Job steps when possible but OOM...
  22. How Can I generate a simplified dump... previous...

    How Can I generate a simplified dump... previous one was 10 GBs!
  23. First Run on PDI 4.4 succesful! very strange will...

    First Run on PDI 4.4 succesful! very strange will investigate , but seems like a bug in new edition
  24. Have already tried, with -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC ...

    Have already tried, with -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC
    and in other
    test -XX:+UseParallelGC . With no luck.

    And using 8gb or 16 gb as -Xmx
  25. No Delete file step, is not deleting log file....

    No Delete file step, is not deleting log file. And error now appears at different steps randomly. I dump java stack to temp.... but a several gigabytes of info not know how to interpret. I...
  26. GC overhead limit exceeded - Running out of memory PDI 5.2 CE

    Hey folks:

    I am using PDI CE 5.2 version with settings (Xmx 8gb and fails both in Java 1.7 and Java 1.8).

    Place where error is launched is random but most surprising is even in a job step...
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    Try using pg_dump databasename > file.sql ...

    Try using pg_dump databasename > file.sql . Then pg_dump -s bbddname > file.sql

    Check pg_dump options
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    Did you check postgresql driver placed in lib...

    Did you check postgresql driver placed in lib folder
  29. Try using GP bulk load step. Check also...

    Try using GP bulk load step. Check also distribution columns to avoid data skew
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    Pivotal Greenplum useful DBA SQL queries

    1. Viewing table data distribution across segment Servers To view the data distribution of a table’s rows (the number of rows on each segment), you can run a query such as: To see the data...
  31. MDX Solve Order, SCOPE_ISOLATION and the Aggregate() function

    Reblog from Solve order in MDX is a mess. Back in the good old days of Analysis Services 2000 it...
  32. Access Pentaho Report Designer metadata

    Reblog from Hey there here is a good tip for PRD fans. Sometimes we need to include the metadata of a report...
  33. Pentaho Data Integration scheduling with Jenkins

    “As a System Administrator I need to find a scheduling solution for our Pentaho Data Integration Jobs “ Reblog from...
  34. Creating a connection to SAP HANA using Pentaho PDI

    Reblog from In this blog post we are going to learn how to create a HANA...
  35. How to create custom reports using data from MongoDB

    Originally posted on Tech Ramblings:
    This demonstrate below show how to visually create a report directly against data stored in MongoDB (with no coding required). The following topics are shown:...
  36. Oracle convert a string field with a list of elements in a set of rows

    I will show one tricky way of creating a subquery to build a set of rows coming from a string field which includes a list of valuaes separated by comma Given the example of a string field with the...
  37. 10 Great Reasons to Attend PentahoWorld

    Originally posted on Pentaho Business Analytics Blog:
    Reason #10 It’s hard to pick only ten reasons why PentahoWorld is going to be the must-attend event of the year for the data community, but...
  38. What’s new at Pentaho – Q2 2014 review

    Originally posted on Pentaho Business Analytics Blog:
    We are a very busy bunch at Pentaho. We are makers and doers, firmly focused on the future of analytics. Sometimes it’s good to stop and reflect...
  39. World Cup Dashboard 2014 – in 15 minutes

    Originally posted on Pentaho Business Analytics Blog:
    Are you caught in the World Cup craze? Two of my passions are English football and analytics (hence I’m a SE at Pentaho based in London). So...
  40. Edit Pentaho Mondrian Models Inline in your Browser

    Originally posted on Big Data Analytics:
    Our friends at Ivy Software ( have updated one my favorite community marketplace tools available to Pentaho...
  41. Spark on Fire! Integrating Pentaho and Spark

    Originally posted on Pentaho Business Analytics Blog:
    One of Pentaho’s great passions is to empower organizations to take advantage of amazing innovations in Big Data to solve new challenges using...
  42. Packt’s celebrates 10 years with a special $10 offer

      This month marks 10 years since we embarked on our mission to deliver effective learning and information services to IT professionals. To celebrate this huge milestone, we are offering ALL of our...
  43. Book Review: Pentaho Analytics for MongoDB (February 2014)

    Bookcover Book review by: David Fombella Pombal (twitter: @pentaho_fan) Book Title: Pentaho Analytics for MongoDB Author: Bo Borland Paperback: 146 pages I would like to suggest this book if you want...
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    Pentaho Reporting Video Course

    I would like to recommend this excellent video course created by my friend Francesco Corti and officially reviewed by Paul Hernandez and me.
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    Day against DRM Promotion

    Packt Publishing is celebrating ” Day against DRM” by providing all eBooks & Videos for just $10 from its site. DRM Info DRM Frequently Asked Questions What is DRM? What does DRM stand for? What are...
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    Pentaho and MongoDB Rendezvous in SF

    Originally posted on Pentaho Business Analytics Blog:
    The City Club of San Francisco is well known for hosting the swankiest of weddings in San Francisco. However, on May 1st, it will be the...
  47. AFAIK it doesn't exists

    AFAIK it doesn't exists
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    Pentaho Report Designer Tips Collection

    Set encoding for PDF exports Tired of errors in character set PDF export… here is a little help. File –> Configuration –> output-pageable-pdf –> Enable .Encoding checkbox and set for example ...
  49. #Pentaho Data Integration new feature: Data sets #Kettle

    Data sets will be included soon in Pentaho Data Integration, check these videos to see how they work. A first stab at using data sets to facilitate development of re-usable transformations, mappers,...
  50. Packt Publishing celebrate their 2000th title with an exclusive offer #Packt2k

    #Packt2k promotion link Known for their extensive range of pragmatic IT ebooks, Packt Publishing are celebrating their 2000th book title `Learning Dart’– they want their customers to celebrate too....
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