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  1. Johan, the hashcode works good. but i have...


    the hashcode works good. but i have read that it will result 32bit hashcode & is not guaranteed to produce unique hashes for given input(two strings may have same hash integer result).
  2. can we create checksum value using formula/calculator step?

    I need to know whether the formula/calculator step can be used to create checksum values for each field given.
    Actually i have to mask/convert some of the input field values while transfering to...
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    Inner table not closing properly

    Hi all, I am working on a CDE dashboard(CE 7.0) that contains,
    1. Date range input
    2. Pie charts
    3. Line charts
    4. Table Component (main table & an inner table).

    I am facing page loading...
  4. CDE Dashboard export - Dynamic title not being exported

    Hi All,

    I am working on a CDE dashboard in which we are setting the title dynamically in pre-execution function.
    we have created an export button component as well (using CGG), but the title is...
  5. Actually, i am new to this xml parsing. i want to...

    Actually, i am new to this xml parsing. i want to know how to achieve this parent-child association. If it can be achieved without xpath it would be good.
  6. How to use xpath to find parent node value while reading xml using XML Input StreStAX

    Can we use xpath to get the parent/grand parent node value if we use XML input stream? I have tried this with 'Get Data from XML' step but as my xml input file is a huge one, i prefer to use StAX and...
  7. how to verify whether excel input date field has valid date values


    I have transformation in which i am getting an excel input data feed and write it into a table.
    I have a date column in my excel, and need to check whether it contains valid date values in...
  8. Mathias, Thanks for your hints on handling...


    Thanks for your hints on handling late arriving dimensions.
    so based on my understanding, dimension lookup/update step will solve the late arriving dimension automatically by updating...
  9. Approach to solve - Late Arriving Dimensions

    Hi All,

    I am using kettle 5.1.0 to load my data into my data warehouse.
    In my current project we are retrieving Dimensions & Fact information from different data sources/services.
    So we are...
  10. Kettle Data Load - Disable/Enable Foreign Key & unique constraints for faster load

    Hi All,

    I have a transformation scheduled on a daily basis, which used to import user data into my datawarehouse.
    It usually deals with 80k rows per table everyday.
    I need to do some...
  11. Thanks Marabu. Regarding the "Launch next...

    Thanks Marabu.

    Regarding the "Launch next entries in parallel", i am clear now.
    but still i have doubt on this transformation steps,
    based on your answer, i assume that a row always moves...
  12. Pentaho Transformation - Parallel processing

    Hi All,

    I am having this doubt for some time. i have read that all the steps inside a pentaho transformation executes as parallel.
    In that case if i have transformation that retrieves data from...
  13. Pentaho CDE Sunburst chart - valuesFont & valuesLabelStyle setting

    Hi All,I

    am working on a sunburst chart.
    I need to know is there any options to set the background color of the values font. because some slices in the chart has black font & some are having...
  14. Change Label Font size on Sunburst chart & tooltip formatting


    I am working on a sunburst chart; I have used a treemap and used a pre execution function to convert it into a sunburst.
    I am trying to change/reduce the font size of the labels showing in...
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    Ctools Butterfly chart

    Hi All,

    I have started using CDE recently. I need to create a butterfly chart using CDE dashboards.
    I have searched but didnt get any clue about how to create it using CDE.
    I tried, bar chart...
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    group concat using kettle

    Hi All,

    Is there anyway to achieve mysql's group_concat functionality using kettle alone?

  17. Yes Lukfi, may be a bug in kettle! but i needed...

    Yes Lukfi, may be a bug in kettle! but i needed to achieve that functionality in my ETL :confused:
  18. Executing Subtransformation twice from same parent transformation

    Hi All,

    I have a parent transformation that executes a sub-transformation twice.
    The parent passes a keystring as the input to the sub-transformation.
    the sub-transformation generates checksum...
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    I too have similar scenario, I have an excel...

    I too have similar scenario, I have an excel input step to read data from a particular sheet and joins it with a serialized file data.
    If there is no data i need to execute a bypass transformation...
  20. Hi Mick, Thanks. can we insert a logo into...

    Hi Mick,

    can we insert a logo into the excel writer? I have kept the logo in my excel template and tried to use the template for my output file creation. but kettle provided below error.
  21. How to Load Data to Pre-Formatted or Template Excel File using pentaho kettle

    Hi All,

    I need to extract data from different datasources and have to feed the resulting data into a predefined excel file template using Kettle.
    The data should be fed into specific cells of the...
  22. Execute SQL Script for each row from a table input step

    Hi All,

    In my transformation, I am retrieving data from a VDB (Jboss teiid) and inserting the data into another VDB.
    For retrieval i have used Table input and it works fine.
    When I am trying to...
  23. Execute sql stored procedure with array input from kettle table input step

    Hi All,

    I am having a sql stored procedure that takes 2 inputs and returns a resultset based on the given input.
    I am using the input1 in sql IN clause like,

    WHERE myCol IN(@input1)

  24. I have installed JDK 7, and changed the...

    I have installed JDK 7, and changed the pentaho_java_home variable to point that.
    still my scheduler option is disabled. do we need to open the kettle as a repository to use the scheduler?
  25. Passing Resultset of a Stored procedure's sql to a table output step


    I need to know is there any step/technique available to get the result set from a stored procedure select sql, and pass it to a table output.

    My business scenario is as follows,

    I have...
  26. Me too using Pentaho BI Suit 5.1 EE. Having...

    Me too using Pentaho BI Suit 5.1 EE.

    Having the same issue, could anybody guide me how to use Pentaho data integration scheduler and let me know what are the other scheduler options that can be...
  27. Difference between Interactive reports, Analysis reports and Static Reports

    Hi All,

    What are the differences between Interactive reports, Analysis reports and Static Reports?
    Is interactive report good for large volume of data like millions of rows?
    Can anybody list the...
  28. Restrict Pentaho Report output types in Pentah CE 5.0.1

    Hi All,

    I need to provide only csv and excel outputs in my pentaho report.
    How could i remove other output types from my report, there are around 6 output formats showing default in Pentaho...
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    Hi Gutlez, Get System Info Perfectly Working...

    Hi Gutlez,

    Get System Info Perfectly Working in the flow you have mentioned. Thanks.
    but i want to know why the data from 'Get System Info' is not passing if i put it before 'Table Input'
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    Get System Info issue

    Hi All,

    I am having a transformation that contains a 'Get System Info' step to get the system date next to Table input step.
    I am writing the result set of the table input and the system date got...
  31. Calendar Component in Pentaho Action Sequence

    Hi All,

    I have designed an action sequence though which we call a PDI job.
    I am passing from and to date ranges to the job from the action sequence.
    Now i am using text boxes to get the dates...
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    Hi NJain, Can i set a variable if there is no...

    Hi NJain,

    Can i set a variable if there is no input rows found for 'Detect Empty Stream' and based on its value i will send different mails in my job(most sample i found aborts the transformation...
  33. Calling Pentaho Kettle Job from BI Server using action sequence

    Hi All,

    My requirement is to call my kettle job from Pentaho BI server.
    I am using Pentaho BI server 5.0.1 CE, PDI 4.3.0 and PDS CE 4.0.

    I have created an xaction and included the kettle job...
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    Checking the csv output file is empty

    Hi All,

    I am having a transformation that will export a sql resultset into a csv output file. my file name is being created dynamically.
    My kettle job will send a mail to the user with the csv...
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