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    auto increment in pentaho report designer

    I am new to pentaho technologies.
    I want to add serial number in an auto incremental manner in petaho report designer.
    please explain with steps
    thanks in advance
  2. Thread: Saiku analytics

    by akshay

    Saiku analytics

    I am new to pentaho technology.
    Is there any way to open saiku analytics(Downloaded from marketplace in pentaho user console) in new window/new tab to open it independently?????
  3. Drilldown functionality in dashboards created in pentaho user console

    Hi I am new to pentaho technology.
    Is it possible to have drilldown functionality in dashboard created in pentaho user console?
    If yes,please let me know stepwise how to do it.
    It will be of...
  4. URL of CDE dashboard and drill down functionality

    Hi,I am new to pentaho technology(pentaho user console).Please help me for below issues
    1>how to get url of existing CDE dashboard for future integration with other technologies/frameworks?
  5. Converting rows to columns/columns to row.Table...

    Converting rows to columns/columns to row.Table is huge and will grow more in future.Number of Rows and columns are not fixed.It will change as per project requirement.So i want general way to do it...
  6. Transpose a table from database using spoon transformation

    Hi,I want to transpose/pivot a table from database via transformation.
    Please share the solution with example and detailed steps to follow.
    Thanks in advance.
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