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  1. maintain the last login name used in PUC login dialog


    i'm using Pentaho version 3.0.0.STABLE.37736

    if anyone interested i changed the page at tomcat/webapps/pentaho/jsp/PUCLogin.jsp to maintain last login used to connect at tomcat, here some...
  2. integrate XML+XSL transformation tool for reports


    I wish to integrate a XML+XSL transformations feature in Pentaho to run reports, how i can do that?

    For example the XML source can be get calling:
  3. what is the minimun jars to deploy Mondrian?


    I wish to know what is the jars from lib directory that i need include in a deploy of Mondrian for the follow situations:

    1) Embed in a webApplication to use only the "JDBC for OLAP"?
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