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  1. Report Designer Image Render problem when publish to BI server

    Anyone has an idea how to bind external URL in Pentaho report designer As I have bind with the same method which supposed to be but issues I am facing when I published my report to BI server images...
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    Running total in mdx

    I want to calculate running total of my measures.I used SUM(YTD([Date].[YEAR].CurrentMember), [Measures].[ProfileCreated]) It gives a right result within same year but when a new year starts its...
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    Dimension Attributes

    how to add dimensions attribute in Mondrian without hierarchy.
    I want to filter on a specific column of dimension attribute.

    Dim> User
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    Pass Date Variable

    How can I pass date variables to table input . I want to run my sql query between two dates start date and end date
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    Running Etl on database trigger

    I want to run my kettle transformations whenever any new record inserted/updated in my DB is there anyway so I can write trigger in my DB and push message to my etl to run and get updated data in my...
  6. Loading fact table with dimension key that are not in stream

    I want to load fact table and one of my dimension is not in the stream and I want to store that dimension key to my fact table when my transformation runs. Issue is that dimension key is not present...
  7. inserting different columns values in same table and same column in

    I want to create transformation in which I want to add multiple inputs table column value into one table in the same column.
    Two input products table having id and name and one output table...
  8. Yes, I have only one input stream and merge rows...

    Yes, I have only one input stream and merge rows not working, I want to check in my transformation if a record is not in the source then it will also not in warehouse target.
  9. Deleting records from fact table and dimension table

    I want to delete records from target table as records deleted from a source I used merge/rows and del stop both individuals but did solve my problem in delete case when I delete record from source...
  10. I have to load in the same transformation, I mean...

    I have to load in the same transformation, I mean to say the first load all dimension in the job then load fact table will it lookup for all dimension in transformation.
  11. Loading multiple fact tables using same dimensions

    how can we load multiple fact tables in pdi using shared dimensions?
  12. Shared Dimensions across multiple fact tables in PDI

    I have some global dimensions tables that I want to use on multiple fact tables. Can I do this in PDI if yes please suggest the method? urgent help needed
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    Creating Fact Transformation In Spoon

    Hi all
    I am using PDI first time and wanted to create fact transformation which has columns from multiple transaction tables and how I can populate data of fk of dimension tables (10 dimension...
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