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  1. Pentaho can't do Login with only ONE user. All other users works fine

    I am using Pentaho integrated with other app developed. I am using Multi-Tenancy 1234@test, for example, and I login in pentaho through the app, not directly by pentaho login screen. We use Nginx to...
  2. DataSource dynamic per user or role, how ?

    Good morning, how can I define a datasource for dynamic login or role, at runtime.
    Ex: We have several clients that will access the same server, and point the server database at runtime?
    Thank you.
  3. How to embed the pentaho in another application?

    Good afternoon I'm Brazilian, in my company we have a system that we developed and used Pentaho for BI.
    I can only consume services from Pentaho to use within our application (Reports List, Return...
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