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    jboss portlet icons

    just a small request to make portlet administration a bit nicer (see screenshot)

    Add portle definition with icons to pentaho.war/WEB-INF/jboss-portlet.xml:

  2. Thank you, That worked !

    Thank you,
    That worked !
  3. portal page showing 403 - access denied

    I've installed pentaho from scratch on jboss-4.2.1.GA with portal-2.6.4 and josso-1.6. Everything is working except for the pentaho portal.
    I've even changed all security constraints to...
  4. Hi balazsb, a bit late but you can solve this...

    Hi balazsb,
    a bit late but you can solve this issue by applying the default ACL after you've switched to RDBMS repository:
  5. There was a missing import statement in the...

    There was a missing import statement in the header :(
    And I'll stick to 1.6 then :)

    Thank you,
  6. installation from scratch - javac error

    I'd like to install from scratch using tomcat and oracle so I've checked out the head versions of /pentaho, /pentaho-data and /pentaho-preconfiguredinstall. My default JDK is so I've...
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