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  1. Dynamically send BIRT report in .pptx format via Email


    I need to send out BIRT reports in pptx format via Email using Pentaho Design Studio, but the BIRT component seems not working for me, i cant use BIRT component on an .rptdesign file...
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    Design Studio - save results to array


    Im making an action sequence in Pentaho's Design Studio. I have a Relational action which gets datas from a database. I have a for cycle which cycles through of these datas. In every round...
  3. JasperReportsComponent - error opening parsed xls file


    I've made an action sequence file in Design Studio what parses .jasper file into xls format, after that, i send it out via Email. Everything works fine, except after sending out .xls file i...
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    Bullet Chart - setting x-axis start value.


    Im making a CCC Bullet Chart, and i have mainly values between 99 and 100, becouse they are measurements in percentage. In this case, indicator bars are nearly "full", and my chart is not...
  5. I found the solvation, my server was declining...

    I found the solvation, my server was declining the outgoing connections, so i couldnt reach gmail. Problem solved. Sorry for the question above :(
  6. Design Studio - Exception while creating an email-sender xaction


    I'm making a simple email sender action sequence, i configured email_config.xml as shown below:

    <email-smtp> <properties>
    <!-- This is the address of your SMTP email server...
  7. JasperReportsComponent / exporting JasperReports into .ppt or .pptx


    I have lack of knowledge in this topic, but where i work, i got the task, that i need to report a jasperreport file (jrxml) into PPT format via Pentaho. As i searched the problem in google,...
  8. Creating Images from CCC charts using CGG. Problem

    Hi guys!

    I am following this thread to export charts to images. Everything works fine, except, after this step:

    i get an empty image back from browser, and i cant inspect the reasons why :/
  9. Thanks for the fast answer, im looking forward...

    Thanks for the fast answer, im looking forward seeing this upgrade ^^
  10. How to fix not working buttons in "New CDE Dashboard" view?


    I am new to Pentaho, and i need some help, solving not working buttons problem in "new CDE Dashboard" view. The buttons (New,Save,Save as.., .. , Data Sources, Preview) in Internet Explorer 8...
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