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    Localization problem

    Hi to all;

    I have installed pentaho server community edition v7.0.0.0-25 on a debian machine. But after I changed the locale to TURKISH (tr_TR.ISO-8859-9), I could not mange to login to the...
  2. Ok I found...

    Ok I found this:
    So the workaround is replace the null value in the later steps.
  3. Default value read from field for database value lookup step


    I have a database value lookup step. I want some default values from previous step results but could not managed to get the values. How can I enter the field names so that their values are...
  4. Thread: Birt reports

    by cokutan

    Birt reports


    As of version 7.0, can we do scheduling of birt reports like we do for pentaho reports? I had to use Birt reports because of perfomance problem of pentaho reports, but now I lost the ability...
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    Pentaho BI server reporting performance

    Hi to all;

    I am having difficulty in optimizing a report taken from BI server. The report is of tabular form and contains a million records. I have changed file and added...
  6. OK, I think I found a solution. Group by step :)...

    OK, I think I found a solution. Group by step :) It seems it works! Thank you
  7. Thanks Lukfi for the quick response. Actually...

    Thanks Lukfi for the quick response.

    Actually what I was trying to do is something like this. Lets say I have columns
    A B 100
    A B 200
    C D 1000
    coming from a table input. I generated a fact...
  8. Inserted value not seen with database lookup in same transformation

    Hi guys,
    I have three steps occuring in the following order. The main prurpose is to generate an accumulated table measure:
    1. lookup the accumulated table for up-to-now summed value
    2. a...
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