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    Hi, I've solved, look at this ...

    Hi, I've solved, look at this
  2. Proxys solution

    Hi again,
    I have founded the solution
    that was proxys problem

    On PDI I has added this "-Dhttp.proxyHost=proxis host" "-Dhttp.proxyPort=proxis port" to spoon.bat in the line where set OPT

  3. Error with market place on pentaho ce 6.0.1

    I have installed pentaho 6.1.01 CE and I have found with a trouble.
    I can't see any plugin on marketplace (installed and not installed), I have tried to download another version of...
  4. Thanks for your quick response. Your solution...

    Thanks for your quick response.
    Your solution was more efficient (time) than mine, it's what i'm looking for
    Thanks a lot
  5. Optimize a query with multiple crossjoin on were clause

    I have a query with crossjoin multiple on clause where and i'm trying to optimize it.
    I'm looking for how can i optimize, but I've not found a lot of information.
    Can anybody help me to optimize...
  6. ERROR [RenderApi] Could not load dashboard: metaModel

    I have a pentaho 5.3 community edition installed, every night we restart the server.

    This morning i have found with this error when i try to open cde, prs, startupruleengine, sparkl or some...
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    Mdx group by measures values rang

    I'm looking for the way to create a group by measure value.
    I have a cube of bookings with the dimensions, client, supplier.... and more dimensions.
    I want to create a query, which must...
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    Hi, i have installed startup rule engine from...

    i have installed startup rule engine from marketplace,
    i have created a ETL with PDI (pentaho data Integration) to pass a var EMP when the user have logged
    i have put that etl on startup...
  9. Hi again I have found a not very good...

    Hi again

    I have found a not very good solution. I have changed the userAdmin name on BBDD and on

    If anybody knows a better solution please tell me it and how..
  10. What's the most stable version of pentaho 5

    Hi I'm using pentaho 5.01 and i have found some stability problems, like the followings:

    - browse file section remains loading when i have assigned some permissions to a dashboard doc (.cde)
  11. Browse files section do not display directory tree: loading thread keeps running

    After giving permissions to a user for (doc.cdfde) dashboard but without giving permissions to (doc.wcdf and doc.cda), browse file section remains charging.
    I have tried chrome, firefox an internet...
  12. OK, thanks, i'll try to change

    OK, thanks, i'll try to change
  13. Hi, thanks for your quick response. No, I use...

    Hi, thanks for your quick response.
    No, I use the component that is included on section 'Components Panel' option 'D3 Components --> d3 CalendarView'. I have made no changes to this component.
  14. d3 calendar ignores listeners variable changes

    Hi, I 'm using a component d3 calendar on my dashboard created through CDE ,
    I want to refresh the component based on a listener variable, but when the variable changes , the graph does not change....
  15. Thanks for your quick response, The query...

    Thanks for your quick response,

    The query executed through Saiku is automatically translated into MDX using the code below:

    I can't see the MDX query (I suppose when there is a timeouts, the...
  16. Problem with mondrian Saiku , Process that Never Dies

    I have a small problem with mondrian Saiku .

    When throw a query on mdx selecting many dimensions of the same fact to try cause a timeout response from Saiku , a mondrian process remains active...
  17. I have solved the problem 1- Open...

    I have solved the problem

    1- Open biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/applicationContext-pentaho-security-jdbc.xml
    2- Find that code

  18. Pentaho default security to JDBC security. How to role mapping with operating permits

    Hi, I'm trying to create a role mapping with operating permits after configure JDBC security.
    The configuration goes well. I can login with users stored on my own security tables.

    My trouble is...
  19. Good Morning, I answer to my question...

    Good Morning,

    I answer to my question because I think I have found the solution. (at least one possible)

    I think the problem is the driver of Connection to the Oracle database, this does...
  20. Hi, Thank you very much for answering so...

    Thank you very much for answering so quickly.

    I am using pentaho 5.01ce stable edition with a plugin mondrian 3.6.1
    and schemma workbench comes with the same version of mondrian.

  21. Error con valores decimales en las propiedades de un level


    Estoy intentando crear gráfico de mapa para una asignatura de la universidad, He creado un esquema con shcema workbench, en el que hay una dimensión llamada Hotel, que tiene dos...
  22. Error with decimal Number on a level property


    I trying to do a map chart for the university, I'have created a schema with schema workbench, that one have a dimension called Hotel, that have two properties called Latitude and Longitude...
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