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    Pentaho.Business Intelligence

    What is the cost approximate price of the Pentaho Interprice Edition?
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    Measures. Numeric Filter

    Good afternoon! In Analysis Report, I want to add a filter to a measure (fact table). Type of measure - NUMBER.
    I create Numeric Filter (Between).
    I create Dashboars -> create Prompts, but...
  3. Thank you!:) Yes! Even in the beginning I set the...

    Thank you!:) Yes! Even in the beginning I set the date format mask - yyyy-MM-dd
    To filter BETWEEN $ {_ Start} AND $ {_ End} I created a hierarchy with one level - date (without level - year, month,...
  4. Analysis Report. Create Date Range Filters

    I have the time hierarchy (year, quarter, month, date).
    The problem is to add a filter - "Select a range"
    I choose a date - _Start and _End (created 2 new parameters)
    Next, create a new...
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