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    thank you, your answer helped me find this other...

    thank you, your answer helped me find this other thread:

    which shows (among all .xaction file attached ;) ) how to write a pdf file down to disk....
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    Automating PDF report production.

    Hi all, I have my report nicely done with prd now. I'm happy :-)

    Now, we want to allow people to view the pdf result of that report through the pentaho portal. This is ok after publishing the...
  3. I answer to myself for future generations: ...

    I answer to myself for future generations:

    that question concerns 2 issues:

    first of all, from comments in , if one wants to group...
  4. Grouping shows multiple occurences of same value


    I want to reproduce a JPivot view with the the reportDesigner.
    First of all, as a test, I try to get the same output as I would with an sql distinct( field name)

    Obviously, I need to...
  5. Number fields linked to mdx Measures dont show in Report

    I successfully imported a mondrian cube schema and an mdx request into the report designer: It seems to fetch datas for a while.

    As shown in...
  6. I answer to myself: one has to validate twice...

    I answer to myself:

    one has to validate twice on the 'OK' buttont, till the olap navigator completly shuts down.
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    Preload mondrian cache

    I found some posts on the forum about that, but couldn't really find a suitable answer.

    Hope I don't go over forum rules with a new thread on that.

    A jpivot access to my mdx is really too...
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    Adressing Jpivot Cells in Calculated Member

    Hi all,

    I display a calculated member in measures crossed with Time members.

    with member [Date.Date].[All date].[PROG] as
    ([Date.Date].[All date].FirstChild.NextMember -...
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    MDX to mondrian Schema ?

    You're answer helped me a lot, showing me how to combine dimensions in a calculated member.

    I ended up with MDX functions, attaching my new member to old dimension [Date.Date] since I wanted to...
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    calculated member over crossed dimensions


    I crossed 2 dimensions levels in my columns:
    first level is a measure, say 'Price',
    second one is Date, say 'year1' and 'year2'.

    things look like this in in Pivot:

  11. Pivot: Unable to apply measure selection through olap navigator

    Hi all,

    I'm new to pentaho/mondrian. I integrated my datas and created a cube. Now I try to use the JPivot facilities, especially the olap navigator:

    - if I click on measures and select...
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    how to use previously saved mondrian.xml ?

    I design cubes with Cube Designer, and save files after publishing.

    How can I re-use those files for a later usage, say add new table fields, new dimensions or measures ?

    I tried to...
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