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  1. how to save an analyzer report to the repository from a transformation

    I have created a simple transformation that outputs results of a query. I want end users to be able to utilize this as an analyzer report/file. I can go to the analyzer and see that is works....
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    My apologies. what I mean is that when I create...

    My apologies. what I mean is that when I create the query using a literal numerical value instead of the parameter as show when I press ok then the fields show up in the list of columns that are...
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    parameters not working

    I am trying to create a report that will take a parameter that will then be used in the query for the data for the report. I created the parameter which is a simple numeric value and then created...
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    streaming a report directly to an email

    I was wondering if there is anyway to directly stream a pentaho report to the mail step and not have to write it to an external report which is then read by the mail step. Seems ackward to have to...
  5. uploading schemas leaves temp files in the temp directory

    When uploading our schemas the are uploaded using the pentaho/mondrian rest call plugin/data-access/api/mondrian/postAnalysis. The temp schema files remain present and are only deleted when tomcat...
  6. getting a "No Table found for fact name" message

    I have inherited the maintenance of a pentaho/mondrian data warehouse. I am trying to add a new cube to the list of cubes and it depends upon a new fact table I have created in oracle. The fact...
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