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  1. Made code modifcations for including the timeout feature!!


    I have successfully made code modifications to Pentaho BI Server and Report Design Wizard source to run queries with timeout set as a tag in .xaction file and to create .xaction with the...
  2. Issue resolved

    Issue Resolved for problem with the previewing of reports commented at:

    Cause: Problem in validating the xaction file being created, since the...
  3. Try Changing to Java 1.5


    I had a similar problem, though not with Pentaho, but for another application. This happened due to the problem with long and short application names.

    Java 1.6 had a few severe...
  4. Replies

    Version details needed for Report Design Wizard


    I had downloaded the source for Report Design Wizard from
    and had made a few code changes.

    I have logged a case at JIRA for...
  5. Web customisation features and ADEs

    Major propietory BI tools like Microstrategy, offer a web customisation feature, that we can utilise to create BI Solutions and then customise their look and feel to suite our presentation and...
  6. Modified files

    The files that I had modified are: and from the pentaho-reportwizard sources from Pentaho SVN Repository and and report-spec.xsd from...
  7. Problem::Source code modifcation for Report Design Wizard

    One of the requirements of our client was to generate reports on fly by providing sql queries. They were very keen on providing the "query timeout" feature to the reports so as to prevent long...
  8. Identified the problem


    I have identified the problem.
    The problem was with the parser being employed by Pentaho that needs the xml documents to be well formed and hence needed the line:
    <?xml version='1.0'...
  9. Problem with the Pentaho latest codeline from the SVN Repository


    I have download the source code from the latest codeline on Pentaho SVN and build the war files and deployed it on the JBoss server, using mySQL as the databse. Everything works fine until I...
  10. How to provide a query timeout and query cancellation feature for Pentaho Reprting


    I am using the Pentaho BI Suite configured for Oracle 10g and Apache Tomcat. I am also creating an interface that allows you to directly provide an SQL query and create and view a report...
  11. Query Timeout and query cancellation feature for pentaho reporting

    A feature that I believe would be very useful for Pentaho Reporting, if there were a facility for performing a cancellation of query execution if it were taking a high amount of time for execution...
  12. Problem:Connecting to Oracle10g SampleData

    I am using the pentaho reporting engine classic- and am trying to connect to Oracle 10g in order to access the sampledatabase to generate a report.

    The java code that I am suing is:
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