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  1. field name variable (or variable in variable)

    Hello everyone,

    firstly, thanks for reading me.

    Secondly I have a question which I don't know to answer. I have an Excel table with severals fields named very similar, DeviceX where X is the...
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    Thanks you so much. This solution is pretty close...

    Thanks you so much. This solution is pretty close that I was thinking but I didn't find the right option to solve my problem. I have to do several reports after that but the following steps is not so...
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    unión de dos columnas

    Buenos días,

    hay alguna forma viable de unir dos columnas en Kettle de diferentes tablas?? Cuando en Excel tenemos dos tablas (con el mismo número de filas) y queremos unirlas "fisicamente", la...
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    How to "mix" to Excel table


    I have to transform in Kettle a big Excel table to another one before to store in my database. It contains the avarage of sales that a worker does each day.

    The Excel information is:...
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