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    Description of Pentaho BA Databases

    I am using Pentaho 5.x and I'm trying to find out what the BA Server uses the Hibernate and Jackrabbit databases for. I know that in 4.8, Hibernate was used to store user data and links to custom...
  2. Figured it out. I am installing this on a Linux...

    Figured it out. I am installing this on a Linux RHEL 5 system. During the installation, the installer ask where you want to install the software. I entered /opt/pentaho in which case the installer...
  3. MySQL Error During Pentaho BI 4.5 Installation

    I am trying to install Pentaho BI 4.5 and during the installation, I select the default setup and I get the following error message:

    Error running /opt/pentaho/mysql/scripts/
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    unable to Install 30 Day Trial

    I am trying to install the 30 day trial and during the installation I get an error pop up with the following messages:

    Error running /opt/pentaho/mysql/scripts/ /opt/pentaho/mysql ****...
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