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  1. JPivot gives error while running analysis report.


    I have a custom cube with roles for three filters. For Analysis I have created a xaction file with one query as follows:

    with set producttype as '{ClosingPeriod([Product Type].[Product...
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    Hi, I want to publish static HTML report I...


    I want to publish static HTML report I generated through Report designer. I can publish the report through report generator but it does not allow me to only store the static HTML report...
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    Got the solution to my problem. I have...

    Got the solution to my problem.

    I have increased the session and query time out in Pentaho as well as increased the timeout of my tomcat and Apache (Serve as a proxy server) and that helped. It is...
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    JPivot gives Resultset Overflow Occured

    I am using JPivot that ships with Pentaho 3.8.0.stable.45256. Whenever I try to drill down in a JPivot report it gives me Resultset Overflow Occurred. When I second time click on the + sign and drill...
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