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    Try this function changePie(e){ var...

    Try this

    function changePie(e){
    var cccOptions = this.chartDefinition;
    var eps = Dashboards.propertiesArrayToObject(cccOptions.extensionPoints);

    var analizar = e.resultset;

  2. Multiple pie - individual colors

    Hi, i need your help, i have a small multiple pie and i need put individual colors in the each pie depends a value

    for example

    range 1 to 3 red range 3.01 to 4 yellow range 4.01 to 5...
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    Hi, somebody have a example of use oracle bulk...

    Hi, somebody have a example of use oracle bulk loader, tips to config... i link to sqlldr but the etl run ok, but the data don't write in the table, thanks for some help
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