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    unable to execute sql statements

    I'm running version 4.1.0 of the community code.
    I can setup a connection to a MS sql server fine and create a simple datasource and with the data preview it works fine
    "select top 20 tank from...
  2. Where are directory names mapped for saving reports?

    I know this is basic, but I looked around everywhere and couldn't find it.
    I want to clean up the directories where one can save a report, where does the list reside?

    For example, trying to save...
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    mondrian connection string for sqlserver

    forgive me, i'm not an expert like some.
    I am trying to find out where pentaho stores the database connection details.

    the reason: I am trying to run the standalone saiku server and I need to...
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    Sticky: Ok, I installed Saiku as a plugin (version 2.2) ...

    Ok, I installed Saiku as a plugin (version 2.2)

    none of the charts are working, any ideas why not (the bar, line etc buttons show up) but it says it can't render the chart
  5. possible to have more than one series group in xy plot?

    It seems when making an xy plot in report designer, it allows only one series group to break up the data.
    It gives the option of adding more than one series, but when you actually make the plot, it...
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    analyzer report in the community edition?

    Hello all

    Forgive me if this is redunant. I was using a trial version of the enterprise edition and the analyzer report feature works great for us. But currently this functionality is not in the...
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    XY scatter/line plot in analyzer?


    Please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong area, I am new here and learning about everything.

    Quick question after I poked around some. Currently in version 4.0 the chart types...
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