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    trying to avoid duplicate code in UDJC

    I have one Java method that I use in many UDJC steps among multiple transformations.
    The method involves accessing parent/root jobs and setting/updating various variables.

    I've created jars and...
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    UDJC causing hang in mapping transformation

    I have a basic transformation that calls a mapping (sub-transformation)
    The User Defined Java Class step in the mapping causes the job to hang, even though it seems like it's completed.
    The UDJC...
  3. how to lock and increment a variable ot prevent data race

    I have a step that I call with 10 number of copies. With each result, I'd like to increment a variable.

    Is it possible to somehow create a transformation specific lock to use when each result is...
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    Thank you Matt for your response. The crickets...

    Thank you Matt for your response.

    The crickets were tough to bare as I was hoping someone from the team could give a quick yes/no. (I figured it'd be a great up-sell opp)
    I just didn't want to...
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    anyone? is anyone able to use Kerberos (mainly...

    anyone? is anyone able to use Kerberos (mainly for hbase and hdfs) in Community Edition?
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    Is Kerberos auth Enterprise only?

    Saw this message "...As Kerberos authentication is an Enterprise-only feature in the Hadoop shims,..." on this ticket JIRA.

    Can Matt or someone please confirm that Kettle with Kerberos can only be...
  7. authentication issue trying to read from HDFS with Kerberos

    I have a basic job that uses a Hadoop File Input step to read a file in HDFS and write to log the contents.
    This works on a non-Kerberized cluster.

    I moved the job to a Kerberized cluster and am...
  8. anyone with any tips? Is there something I can...

    anyone with any tips? Is there something I can enable/disable or set a path somewhere?
  9. Karaf errors that cause 2 minute timeout before job runs

    I know this has been posted before, but my version is 7.1

    I have one Centos box where I have full control and don't get the errors/timeout issue below.
    I have another box, where my account does...
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    I'm running 7.1 and still have this issue. ...

    I'm running 7.1 and still have this issue. Didn't get much from the JIRA tickets.
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    something like a dummy input step?

    I guess I can use the 'Generate Random Value' step, but I wanted to check if there is a proper way.

    I am essentially using the User Defined Java Class step to read some variables and call custom...
  12. by lack of responses, I'm figuring there is no...

    by lack of responses, I'm figuring there is no caching way...

    My solution has been to serialize the mega user ids to a file in one transformation and de-serialize the file in subsequent...
  13. best way to cache data to use among different transformations

    I have a transformation that reads millions of user ids from a mega data store.

    I would like to store those ids in a list or hashmap.

    I have about a dozen of other transformations.
    Each of...
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    CSV Input wipes variables

    I have a Get Variables step to retrieve some variables.
    After that, if I do a CSV Input step, it wipes the previously defined variable fields and only carries forward the CSV fields.
    If I move the...
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    Pentaho Hadoop shims not loading

    I've got Kettle loaded on a CentOS client box which can access an HDP cluster. It has no UI/Spoon.
    I can run basic ETL jobs with kitchen/pan. However, I can't run any Hadoop/HDP related jobs. No...
  16. The mapping is store in HBase under...

    The mapping is store in HBase under pentaho_mapping table.
    If you check 'Store mapping info in step meta data', then it's stored in the .ktr
  17. HBase Output not connecting and gives no errors.

    I have a VM with HDP on it that runs in single node cluster mode.

    I run Kettle on that VM.
    I have a transformation that puts some data into HBase and it works.
    The logs are normal for the HBase...
  18. where is the mapping info stored for HBase Output step?

    I created a mapping and gave it a name. Where is that mapping stored?
    I don't see the mapping details when I look at the .ktr file source.

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    Did this ever get resolved? I have a similar...

    Did this ever get resolved? I have a similar question.
  20. Unable to connect to HBase after importing phoenix jars

    Normally, I am able to use the HBase Output step and write data to HBase.

    I added the phoenix jars to the /lib folder to be able to use the Table Input step to run Phoenix SQL against HBase (using...
  21. losing previous fields after CSV File Input step

    I have an 'Add Constants' step to create a path to a file in a field called 'filename'.
    That step hops to a 'Get Variables' step that retrieves a specific date from a variable and puts it in a field...
  22. This doesn't work in the Database Name field. ...

    This doesn't work in the Database Name field.

    For example, if you set a variable DB_PATH to ${Internal.Transformation.Filename.Directory}/../db and then in the Database Name you try to use...
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    issue encrypting email address

    Is Encr.bat only used for passwords?

    I'm trying to encrypt an SMTP authentication user email address. It encrypts fine, but doesn't authenticate.
    The password is also encrypted.

    Things work...
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