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  1. Trying to use custom authentication Manager

    I have Pentaho 5.4 and I am trying to use my own custom Authentication Manager. I have replaced authentication manager in the applicationContext-spring-security.xml with my own like this:

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    Adding users to memory authentication

    I just set up pentaho-ce Out of the box it works fine. However, I am trying to add a new user to the DefaultInMemoryUserDetailsService, I cannot log in. I simply ad the new user like...
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    Has anyone found a solution?

    Has anyone found a solution?
  4. I am having the exact same problem. carolomi, it...

    I am having the exact same problem. carolomi, it is not a CAS problem. I can see in the CAS logs that everything is working fine. I am being authenticated, and I am returning fine to pentaho. But...
  5. Quick update: I upgraded to 6.0.1 CE and I am...

    Quick update: I upgraded to 6.0.1 CE and I am getting the exact same error.
  6. CAS integration failing with IPentahoSession

    I have set up Pentaho 5. I have followed the instructions for using CAS for authentication. I am using the inMemory User Details service. (Actually I have tried different ones and I get the same...
  7. Refresh cube automatically or via webservices.


    We have a DB and a mondrian xml cube over it. We are able to query via JPivot and the Saiku plugin just fine. However, when we load new data into the DB, we have to refresh everything...
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