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    Weka 3.9.2 won't load

    Hi, I installed Weka 3.9.2 (64-bits) and got a lot of errors when loading it.

    Then I installed the R packages, a lot of errors were fixed, but I'm still getting one that stops Weka from loading:...
  2. Reproducing Auto-Weka results on CLI doesn't generate the same output

    Hello fellow researchers,

    recently, I classified my dataset through the Auto-Weka classifier and it gave me the Random Forest with these arguments as best result: [-I, 10, -K, 0, -depth, 0].
  3. What is the type of noise added by the filter AddNoise?

    I searched the documentation but didn't find anything.

    Is it an uniform distribution, Gaussian...?

    Thanks in advance
  4. Why am I getting a 1.000 ROC area value even when I don't have 100% of accuracy?

    Sorry if this issue has been posted before, but I couldn't find it

    I am using Weka as a classifier, and it has worked great for me so far. However, in my last test, I got a 1.000 ROC area value...
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