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  1. I've resolved this problem, here's my solution to...

    I've resolved this problem, here's my solution to applying mixed formatting across rows & columns:


    MEMBER [Measures].[# trans] AS ( ... )

    MEMBER [Measures].[$ spent ] AS ( ... )...
  2. Workaround to "HAVING" clause with "CoalesceEmpty( , )" ?

    I am trying to get rid of all-null results in a calculated member, before applying CoalesceEmpty( , ) on a calculated member.

    - If tuple contains some NULL values, replace them with 0 ...
  3. Mixing percentage and absolute values in same column

    Hello all,

    Is is possible, with MDX, to create a table with both absolute values and percentage in the same columns ?

    The table should display # of transactions and amount spent (measures) per...
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    Thanks. Also found this:...

    Also found this:
    Should help me achieve my goal.
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    Does Mondrian implement DistinctCount aggregation...

    Does Mondrian implement DistinctCount aggregation ? I haven't seen any reference to it in the docs but might have overlooked it...
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    SUM-OF-MIN aggregate function ?

    Hello all !

    I am very new to Mondrian/OLAP. I need to either modify an existing cube, or fix MDX queries to use a sum-of-min aggregation.
    I hope this can be done without resorting to a custom...
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