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  1. UPDATE: I have now copied theme files and edited...

    UPDATE: I have now copied theme files and edited relevant XML. 5.1 Themes appear to work fine on 5.2 :D
  2. Will Custom Visual Theme for 5.1 work on 5.2

    I created a custom visual theme (css/images/xml) for the PUC and Analyzer in 5.1. I have been asked to evaluate any work that may be needed to make this compatible with 5.2. Does anyone have...
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    Another UI/UX Analyzer bug in IE9

    I have noticed another bug in the Analyzer in IE9. In the themes I have tested (Crystal, Onyx), the 'available fields' column cannot be scrolled to the bottom of the list. See attached. 14237
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    UI/UX Analyzer bug in IE9

    I am the UI designer on a team integrating Pentaho into an analytics application. One of my tasks has been to create a new visual theme for Pentaho Analyzer as this piece will be integrated with our...
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    UPDATE: It appears this could have been a...


    It appears this could have been a cacheing issue. Even though the problem was reproduced on two separate machines, I logged in from another remote machine this morning and the theme css is...
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    custom theme not working

    I duplicated crystal from: '/pentaho/server/biserver-ee/pentaho-solutions/system/common-ui/resources/themes' and created a new css theme 'tdma', in it's own directory by the same name. I also added...
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