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  1. Thanks a lot! It did work correctly with both...

    Thanks a lot! It did work correctly with both text and db output steps.

    Somehow I was told it wasn't working with the db output but looks like that was a user error.
  2. Unfortunately the Modified Java Script Value step...

    Unfortunately the Modified Java Script Value step does not have a format that can be specified!

    It only has Type, Length, and Precision.
  3. Modified Java Script Value step rounding off decimal values.

    I'm running into a problem with the Javascript step. I have a very simple, single line code:

    var dollaramount = 1.02;

    The output field is defined as Number (or BigNumber) with Length 10 and...
  4. How to run an analyzer report from an action sequence?

    The SimpleReportingComponent action only refers to PRPT reports created with the report designer. Is there a way to execute an analyzer report created and saved via the Pentaho Analyzer and use the...
  5. Showing the value of a measure from the last time period


    I have a metric that does not make sense to be aggregated (number of subscribers on a given day). Instead, we'd want the metric to be always the value from the last day of the time period. For...
  6. That works very well. Thanks! Regarding your...

    That works very well. Thanks! Regarding your comment about HttpClient and proper auth, is there actually a way to do that? That page is not prompting for the regular HTTP authentication. Is there a...
  7. Web service call to clear cache (accessing the URL /pentaho/ServiceAction directly)


    The "Mondrian Cache Priming and Cache Control in the BI Server" page on the wiki has some excellent guidance on how to clear mondrian cache. In step 4, it talks about scheduling the clearance...
  8. Ah, I totally missed these. The database join...

    Ah, I totally missed these. The database join step works perfectly for what I need. Thanks a lot Ato!
  9. Lookup/retrieve value that needs GROUP BY in the database

    Hi, If I need to lookup a value that needs a GROUP BY or similar constructs in SQL, what is the best way of doing that? The Lookup steps do not seem to have options for anything but the simplest...
  10. Does anybody have an answer to my question?

    Please let me know if my question was not clear.
  11. Is there a way to schedule an Analyzer Report to be sent by email?

    All the examples and use cases are focused on reports created using the Report Designer. When I choose the Schedule option for a report created using the report designer, the email options show up....
  12. Are there known problems with PostgreSQL 9.0 (and BI Server 3.8 or under)?


    Are there any known problem with PostgreSQL 9.0 and the BI Server? Any time Mondrian starts up, it seems to be trying to read entire dataset from the database for huge dimensions such as...
  13. Mondrian always querying for full dimension data

    I have a customer dimension with email as one of the attributes. In the Pentaho user console when I drag the email attribute into the filters, first of all, its querying for all the emails in the...
  14. Ah, that's a bummer. Thanks for conforming!

    Ah, that's a bummer. Thanks for conforming!
  15. Cannot create Hive data source from User Console

    I'm able to create a connection to Hive but not a data source. When I try to do a simple query such as select * from table; it throws this error:

    15:23:15,712 ERROR [DatasourceServiceImpl]...
  16. Is it possible to switch axes in the Analyzer Reports?

    The analyzer reports seem to enforce metrics to be only displayed vertically (as columns). Is it possible to switch the display so that the metrics are displayed horizontally?

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