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  1. Previous Pentaho repository not accessible anymore?

    We are using Pentaho sdk '' in our embedded reporting project. Now looks we can't access the previous Pentaho repository any more at "". Any...
  2. Set HTTP header properties for dynamic image URL?

    I’m using the Pentaho classic engine to create reports with dynamic images through URLs. At the URL endpoints, it requires a security token that has to be set at the HTTP header for access. Is there...
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    Thank you so much. Finally figured it out. I need...

    Thank you so much. Finally figured it out. I need to do: ((DefaultReportEnvironment)report.getReportEnvironment()).setLocale(Locale.FRENCH) and also just use the format "#,##0.00"
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    How to format into French currency?

    I'm using the Pentaho classic engine to generate pdf reports. I need to display a number in the French currency format. I tried to set the number-field's format to "# ##0,00" in the report designer...
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